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Board certified plastic surgeon Seattle WA Dr Phil Haeck can give you an individualized procedure that's just right for you.


You are unique and your plastic surgery solution should be too. Get a consultation and begin to transform yourself with the help of a well-known expert.


Dr. Haeck has the experience, the knowledge and the skills that only someone who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery can bring. He remains one of the most widely recognized surgeons in the Specialty and is known though out the United States and the world by his colleagues for his leadership, publications and knowledge about Plastic Surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery these days is all about choices. When you choose Dr. Haeck you will not only have a choice of implants, you will be able to choose which shape and size of that implant you want. Dr Haeck and his staff will help guide you through the decision making process and make sure that the final implant choice is the right one for your particular body. You should be satisfied that you made a safe decision, and Dr. Haeck will give you all the time you need to understand which style of implant is right for you. He has over a quarter of a century experience with this operation and thousands of women have sent their friends and relatives to him after they had a terrific experience.

Dr Haeck has worked closely with the FDA on implant issues, and testified before several FDA Panels at hearings on the safety of breast implants, including two days of testimony in August of 2011 when he was the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Haeck has a wide range of experience and knowledge with silicone implants and can get you up to speed on the latest information about this technology. Breast augmentation is safe, reliable and an effective way to improve your self-image. Find out more about having breast augmentation in Seattle WA from Dr. Haeck himself.

Whatever the procedure - facelift surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery - breast augmentation, breast reduction - that you are looking at, we can help provide you with the perfect fit solution! Choose from any of these procedures and more:


— Breast
— Breast
— Abdominoplasty
     & Mommy Makeovers
— Breast
— Breast
— Breast
     Implant Exchange
— Gynecomastia — Botox Injections — Facelift
— Lip Enhancements — Liposuction — Eyelid Lifts

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